Supply our customers with a carefully selected collection of the best products the industry has to offer, at fair market pricing, with an acute attention to detail and customer care.



Serve customers

In everything we do at Pine River Group, we aim to serve our customers and make their experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. We value partnerships and teamwork, among ourselves and with those we service. We believe that our success is best measured by the positive feedback we receive from our customers and take pride in knowing that at the end of the day, we’ve made someone’s life a little easier and perhaps a little less stressful too.

Earn money

At Pine River Group we operate under the assumption that money is earned, not given. That’s why we focus on providing the best quality products, at fair market pricing, with an acute attention to detail and customer service. Our company continues to grow, profit and thrive because of our team’s hard work and commitment to providing value to our customers. If we end the year profitable, we end the year knowing that we positively contributed to the industry we serve.

Have fun

Within our company, work and play are never at odds. We spend too much of our lives in the office to not have fun while being there. Work can get messy and at times stressful, which is why we are encouraged to be ourselves, laugh and enjoy sharing in each other’s company. Our team’s playfulness creates a unique workplace atmosphere that, in our experience, improves productivity, lessens turnover and positively impacts our overall profitability.

Be better

This is a big one. Every day, each member of our team makes every effort to be better. This motto is the driving force behind all of our actions. We think creatively to solve problems. We say yes when others say no. And we treat our customers like friends. So if you’re frustrated, searching for something or just have a question you need help answering, we welcome the opportunity to work together to be better for you.