Best Low Maintenance Fencing for Your Home or Property

A perimeter fence surrounding your yard is more of a necessity than a luxury for many. Whether the goal is to keep children and pets safe, to keep passersby out, or to give yourself a little privacy from neighbors, all fences should be designed in a way that allows homeowners to gain the most benefit with the least amount of effort.

The Common Reason for Fence Failure

Aside from improper installation, the most common reason for a fence failing and requiring replacement or extensive renovation is neglect. All too often homeowners focus their attention on caring for the exterior of their home and forget about other property features, like their fence. Many times a fence is thought of as a one-time project, when in reality is something that requires a certain level of maintaining, depending on what kind of fence you install.

As can be expected, different fencing materials require different levels of upkeep. Wood fencing tends to be the highest maintenance fencing, however it’s by far the most economical choice which is why wood fencing remains the number one most popular fencing material. And there are options out there for real wood lovers that will alleviate a lot of the maintenance requirements, which we’ll touch more on later. Plenty of other low maintenance fence options are out there, some being better than others which is certainly something to watch out for if you’re also looking for a durable fence - which really why wouldn’t you be.

The answer to a long-lived, attractive fence comes down to adopting a regular maintenance plan and sticking to it, but if you want to save time and money you might want to look into low maintenance fencing options as well.

Advantages of Low Maintenance Fencing

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No fence is truly no-maintenance as even the toughest material out there will still need to be inspected or otherwise cared for to catch any issues before they become serious problems. However, there are a few materials and fencing products on the market that require far less care than others.

The advantages of low maintenance fencing can be summed up in three main points:

  • Money Savings - Many fences require surface treatments - staining, painting, sealing etc. - every couple of years. Over the life of your fence this can add up to hundreds of dollars or more. Fences with low care needs will be a friend to your pocketbook.
  • Time Savings - Taking the time to apply those surface treatments isn't a quick 5-minute job. Depending on the overall size of your fence (length and height), this could take a full weekend of effort to get everything properly coated. You can also hire a professional to do the job for you, but if you do then you'll be increasing your expenses even more. By choosing a fence that requires no or very little additional care, you'll be saving quite a bit of time.
  • Cost vs Value - You may have noticed by now that many of the lower maintenance fencing options tend to come with a little higher price tag, however, don’t let this discourage you. Consider the cost vs value of a fence that requires only the bare basics of care. Although you might spend a bit more initially, you'll save potentially hundreds or thousands in the long run when taking into account full lifecycle costs. Remember, the upfront cost isn't always the most expensive part of a new fence, it's the maintenance and repairs that could end up costing the most if you install a fence that's difficult to care for. 

Not all fencing materials are created equal, even those that are in the "low maintenance" category. At Pine River Group we’ve developed an offering over years of experience in the industry that provides high-performance, low-care options, whether you want a classic wood fence or a decorative faux stone wall. 

Low Maintenance Wood Fencing

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Pine River Group offers many high-quality wood materials for fencing, but when it comes to low-maintenance you can't beat the pre-colored wood fencing lines.

MicroShades Color Infused Pressure Treated fencing is an excellent choice for homeowners that like the rich red tones of cedar fencing, but can’t afford the astronomical prices that cedar fencing has risen to. Additionally MicroShades wood fencing has a 2-year color warranty, meaning your fence won’t fade and gray out the the fast rate that cedar and traditional treated fences do, requiring far less maintenance.

ColorPro is another pre-stained fencing line to consider. ColorPro comes in a lovely rustic brown shade, that’s factory-applied to give each board consistent and even color coverage. The real wood characteristics (i.e. grain pattern) remain visible and really comes across as a luxury wood fence. Similarly to MicroShades, ColorPro maintains its color exceptionally well and is backed by a 2-year color warranty plus a 7-year rot and decay warranty.

Both MicroShades and ColorPro are perfect for homeowners that want a low maintenance fence, without breaking the budget. 

Ultra Low Maintenance Fencing Alternatives

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If you have a little more to invest in a low maintenance fence, there are some great manufactured fencing systems out there that really give you good bang for your buck. Advancements in technology have lead to breakout systems like SimTek EcoStone and Ashland that provide maximum performance and durability with the lowest maintenance requirements possible. Likewise Trex Seclusions composite fencing has been a tried and true system for the minimal maintenance seekers.

SimTek's Ashland and EcoStone fences are equally beautiful, with the Ashland line mimicking wood while the EcoStone looks deceptively like real stone walls. Both lines come with multiple color options, giving you a custom look to match your outdoor space. SimTek fencing lines do not need any painting, staining, or surface treatments of any kind. In fact SimTek’s proprietary poly-blend resists paint, so if your property is in an area where graffiti is a threat, SimTek would be the best option to avoid damage due to vandalism. Plus the color won't fade which means you'll not only have a richly-colored fence, but if at any point you do need to a replace a panel the color of the new material will match that of the old. Both lines can also handle incredible temperature extremes without damage, from as cold as -40F to as hot as 140F. And SimTek back their products with a solid and secure warranty, whether it be in a residential or commercial application.

Trex Seclusions composite fencing is another great low maintenance fencing option. The design is sleek and smooth, and provides maximum privacy. It comes in three different colors, all of which will fade slightly to an equally attractive weathered aesthetic. This fencing is incredibly strong and is able to withstand up to 110 mph winds. Trex fencing may require some cleaning on occasion, but simple soap and water should do the trick, making it easy to maintain if cleaning does become necessary throughout its lifetime.

Low maintenance fencing is worth every penny for homeowners that would rather spend time enjoying their property than caring for it. Whether you have a soft spot for real wood fences or you're looking to surround your own backyard pool oasis with stone walls, you'll find a product that works for you at Pine River Group.