3 High-Quality Material Options for Your Floating Dock


Floating docks are a great addition to any private or commercial waterfront property. Floating docks are versatile and easy to gain access to either the water or a boat from. Floating docks don't submerge during storms where flooding occurs nor do they leave you feet above water level during dry seasons. Better yet, floating docks are simple enough to install for professional marine contractors and can be removed from the body of water for winter storage in regions where freezing occurs.

Considering their versatility and ease of construction, floating docks are a great solution for private homeowners or and marinas alike. However, the usability of a floating dock relies heavily on what the structure is made of. High quality floating dock materials are a wise investment if you want your dock system to perform properly.


Here are three premium material options for your floating dock.

1. Pier Advantage Wood Planking - Classically Charming Design for Docks

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Wood remains a traditional material for floating docks for a few reasons. Wood is easy to work with, has natural beauty and tends to be a more economical material to build with. The better quality of wood you choose, the longer-lasting your floating dock will be.

Pier Advantage Wood Dock Planking is a step above standard treated lumber. Each board is hand-selected, to ensure only the best looking, straightest boards make the cut. This make the construction process much easier and the end result a lot better looking.

Pier Advantage SYP Wood is manufactured with stress-relief grooves and a smooth radius edge profile. Plus it’s milled with a bark-side-up orientation to avoid cupping of the planks. Treated to resist moisture, rot and decay, this appearance grade dock planking is specifically designed for marine applications like docks, piers and boardwalks.

Pier Advantage Wood Dock Planking is the best treated wood decking for marine applications. It’s both affordable and durable, making it perfect for floating docks.

2. Pier Advantage Composite Dock Planking - Superior Moisture Resistance in a Range of Colors

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Composite dock planking might be the ultimate floating dock material for projects where maximum resistance to the elements is desired. The days of ugly composites or products prone to splintering, cracking and flaking are long over. Pier Advantage Composite dock planking is specifically designed for docks and is ideal for private, public or commercial floating docks.

Pier Advantage composite decking is manufactured by MoistureShield, a leader in composite decking technology. Each individual board is coated to protect against moisture, mold, mildew, insects and stains. Unlike most other composite decking boards on the market, Pier Advantage composite decking can actually be submerged in water without compromising structural integrity.

Pier Advantage composite planking is eco-friendly, being made of 95 percent recycled materials. This makes this composite product safe for the environment and will also qualify for LEED points.

Pier Advantage Composite has an impressive limited lifetime warranty and so far there have been no failure claims from customers. That in combination with a wide array of color options, make this a great choice for any floating dock design.

3. Kebony Modified Wood - An Innovative, Top Performing Real Wood

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Many cases show the need for a product that provides the beauty of real wood, but with better performance characteristics and lower maintenance requirements. For many year this didn’t exist, however with new innovations, like modified wood, it’s now possible to achieve a real wood dock without the heavy maintenance needs that will last in the harsh environment of marine applications.

Kebony modified wood is real wood enhanced with a non-toxic, bio-based liquid that is cured and dried, resulting in a new molecular structure that makes the wood extremely hard and durable. The wood retains its natural beauty, but exhibits performance characteristics similar to the best tropical hardwoods. Plus Kebony only uses sustainable wood species in their modification process, so it’s a great solution for eco-conscious consumers.

Caring for modified wood decking is very easy and requires no maintenance beyond simple cleaning. Overtime, the decking will naturally develop a silver patina, making it even more idea for nautical applications. Plus, as a real wood product, it’ll remain cooler in direct sunlight than many other dock decking options.

If you can't decide between the appearance of wood or the low care attractiveness of composites, Kebony planking makes for the perfect middle-ground.

A floating dock can be as basic or as elaborate as you'd like, but the foundation of any dock is what materials were used in its construction. By selecting high-quality materials, like Kebony modified wood and Pier Advantage wood or composite products, you're helping to ensure the longevity and stability of your new dock.