9 Ways to Utilize Modified Wood in Home Design


The natural beauty and overall versatility of wood have made it one of the most popular building materials for home design. However, standard wood isn't always the best choice for every situation. In many cases when wood is cast aside for a project it's due to its high maintenance needs, weakness to moisture, or a shorter lifespan compared to composites. Kebony modified wood offers all of the advantages of real wood without any of the downfalls.

Kebony modified wood is real wood that has been enhanced using a non-toxic bio-based liquid and drying process. The end result is beautiful and extremely durable wood boards that can be utilized in all areas of home design - from outdoor decking to indoor flooring.

The hardness of Kebony modified wood is on par with the densest tropical hardwoods. It's exceptionally durable and long-lasting, but better yet, Kebony requires only basic cleaning. You won't need to deal with reapplying surface treatments over the years. Additionally, Kebony is extremely water-resistant, allowing it to be used right alongside water without concerns.

It's safe to say that in every instance where wood is an option, Kebony modified wood can be used and better results will be achieved. There are very few limits to how creative you can get with this material.

Here are nine examples of different ways Kebony modified wood could be used in your home.

1. Decking

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Kebony modified wood is perhaps most well-known as being an ideal decking material. Being a very dense wood product, on par with tropical hardwoods, these planks can put up with a lot of abuse. Splintering is very rare and being that this material is non-toxic, there are no concerns over having direct skin exposure as you would with pressure-treated wood. Best of all, a Kebony deck needs nothing more than occasional cleaning to keep it looking great as it naturally weathers to a stunning silver-gray overtime.

2. Siding

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Kebony is a highly recommended material for wood clad homes too. Kebony used as siding offers the same advantages that make it so popular as decking. You won't need to worry about re-staining or re-painting a Kebony clad home. Plus there are no limits to how creative you can get with board placement. Kebony boards can be placed vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or even cut into decorative shapes like diamonds.

3. Planters

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Matching planters the decking or simply building planters into decks is a great way to enhance outdoor entertainment areas. Kebony wood can be handled just like any other wood product, making it easy to cut and work with. Being naturally moisture-, mold-, and insect-resistant, it's an ideal wood product to use for planters.

4. Staircases

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Unlike other less durable woods, Kebony can be used structurally. You can create beautiful, sturdy and stable staircases and platforms with modified wood. Rather than having to use different types of woods, Kebony can easily be used for the framing of a staircase as well as the facade.

5. Furniture

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Furniture makers can use modified wood just as they'd use any other type of wood. The advantage is that Kebony won't require surface treatments. The moisture-resistance of Kebony makes it particularly ideal for outdoor furniture, such as tables and benches.

6. Windows & Doors

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A home's exterior isn't finished without window and door trim. Kebony modified wood is ideal for framing windows and doors into a wall, as shown above. Additionally, Kebony can easily be used to make actual wood doors as well. With this simple modification to your home’s exterior, you can back a big impact on its overall look and curb appeal.

7. Decor

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Any type of interior decor that would normally be made of wood can be built instead with Kebony. The above accent wall is a wonderful example of how modified wood can enhance a home's interior. This accent wall has uses Shou Sugi Ban Kebony to give the room a pop of excitement and texture. Shou Sugi Ban is a specialized charring technique done to wood, that creates a unique and surprisingly durable look. Finishing treatments for Kebony are purely optional and you can get very inventive with your designs.

8. Flooring

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Kebony modified wood makes for a very handsome interior wood floor. These boards are already very smooth and sleek, making it work perfectly as flooring throughout any type of house or building. It can handle frequent foot traffic without degradation and is a great eco-friendly wood flooring option compared to the many less eco-conscious options on the market today.

9. Docks

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Water and wood are often believed to not mix well as moisture is wood's natural enemy. This idea doesn't apply to Kebony modified wood, as it’s enhanced cell structure makes it extremely water resistant. Plus, Kebony will stay cool under the sun unlike composite, PVC and aluminum dock decking solutions. Overall, Kebony is great for building a stable dock that looks natural and will last for many years.

Kebony modified wood is a worthy investment for any project or build where wood is highly desired. Not only does it look beautiful, but it easily outperforms standard wood in essentially any application. The combination of requiring close to no maintenance and having an exceptional hardness rating make is just as ideal for exterior projects as it is for interior decorative use.