ColorPro: The Top Fencing Trend in 2019

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When it comes to fencing, the market certainly isn’t short of options. Rest assured there is an ideal fence for every taste out there, whether that be wood, vinyl, metal or a number of different materials. If you’re looking for the right fence for your yard one trend you might have noticed is that darker colors are this year’s hot selection. Rich colored fencing creates a powerful backdrop for lush greenery and landscaping, and makes a stunning style statement.

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Traditionally if you were looking for a dark colored fence, you’d most likely be talking about vinyl or plastic that offer a wide range of colors, however for those who are either on a budget or more attracted to natural fencing materials a different solution is necessary. The solution, that has been sending waves of excitement through the industry, is called Select Cut® ColorPro, pre-stained natural wood fence system.

Why ColorPro Is the Better Choice

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The reason ColorPro has become a rising trend in fencing in 2019, is the fact that it solves many of the issues people have with traditional wood fencing.

Homeowners love the system because they get a rich colored fence on day one. With traditional pressure treated fencing they’d need to wait until the wood is fully dry before staining it which, depending on what region you’re located in, could take up to a year. Plus the color won’t gray out like cedar fencing does within the first few month to a year. Instead ColorPro fencing is backed by a 2 year color and 10 year rot, decay and termite warranty. This warranty outstrips any other pre-colored wood fence product on the market, which gives homeowners peace of mind.

Installers like the material for all of the reasons listed above in addition to the quality and consistency of the American milling. With imported wood pickets it’s common to experience significant differences in thickness and width from top to bottom, which adds frustration and waste to jobs. The consistent sizing of ColorPro pickets, which are American made, allows for faster and easier fence installation, improving efficiency, cost effectiveness and directly impacting a contractor’s bottom line for the better.

Check Out ColorPro from Pine River Group

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Select Cut ColorPro fencing is available as a full system with rough sawn pickets, posts and rails to match. Plus with the innovative staining system every piece is individually colored resulting in even and consistent color coverage that highlights the natural woodgrain.

ColorPro was featured on the cover of the November 2018 issue of World Fence News and will be highlighted at Fencetech 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana. See it for yourself at booth 3041 and learn more about this breakthrough in wood staining.

Fencing is an integral part to any property, adding value and style. Natural wood with a rich dark color, like ColorPro, provides a great solution to many of the industry's headaches. Talk to a Pine River Group fencing specialist today to hear more and get a free sample of ColorPro fencing.