Faux Stone Fencing: The Perfect Solution for Your Backyard Oasis

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When you live in a suburban area, privacy can be hard to come by. With neighbors in such close quarters, enjoying your outdoor space can feel awkward, if not impossible. But that doesn’t have to be the case—with the right changes, your backyard can become a relaxing, private oasis.

The best way to add a sense of privacy to your backyard is through the addition of a privacy fence. This is a great option that will not only give you that desired sense of privacy but can also enhance the look of your backyard. One increasingly popular style of privacy fence is faux stone fencing. Here is what you should know about this great option.

What is Faux Stone Fencing?

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Real stone has always been a beautiful fencing option that, while many people desire, they cannot afford. Fortunately, an affordable alternative has been found: faux stone fencing. This type of fencing provides the look real stone fencing, without the high price point and brutal labor requirements. It is a fantastic, cost-effective option that will look breathtaking on any property, and would be sure to attract the envy of all your neighbors. Best of all, they’ll have no idea it is faux, it looks that good!

Who Are Faux Stone Fences For?

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Because of its natural look, faux stone fencing is a great companion for rustic, colonial, or modern homes. It has the ability to enhance and create a comfortable outdoor living space in any yard.

The Top Fencing Brand to Consider

Once you’ve decided to go with faux stone fencing, you have to figure out which brand to go with. Of course, you want to go with the best that you can—one that looks like real stone, but more importantly one that will last!

When it comes to specialty fencing no one seems to have as good a handle on it as CertainTeed, the manufacturer of Bufftech® fencing. Bufftech fencing is a consistent leader in quality and offers a variety of styles to fit any budget. Their new molded fence line boasts of a stunning faux stone system called Allegheny. Bufftech Allegheny fencing is the professional grade of what was formerly known as SimTek EcoStone (CertainTeed adopted this line with the acquisition of SimTekTM Fence in 2017). The Allegheny fence system comes in six natural color options and is made using a proprietary blend of recycled and virgin polyethylene, reinforced with galvanized steel which helps make it an incredibly durable fencing option.

Benefits of Bufftech Allegheny Fencing

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Beyond the realistic look and durability of the Bufftech’s Allegheny faux stone fencing,there are many other reasons why this tops the list for faux stone fencing. Some of the other key benefits to keep in mind about the Allegheny line include:

It has a rating that designates its use as a noise wall. This means that it will be helpful in canceling out the noises that can come with suburban areas—sounds like road noises and your neighbors will be muffled to limit disruption in your yard.

  • For anyone living in high wind regions, this is a great solution as Bufftech Allegheny fencing meets the strict Miami-Dade County wind load and hurricane requirements. This means it’s capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds and gusts.

  • The high density polyethylene (HDPE) blend includes UV-12 inhibitors mixed in, which makes Allegheny fences an incredibly fade resistant fencing option.

  • Made with recycled materials, the Allegheny system is a great green fencing option.

  • A Bufftech Allegheny fence is virtually maintenance free and only ever requires a simple cleaning with water. Plus the HDPE blend makes it resistant to paint and graffiti, should such vandalism happen to your fence you need only a hose and brush to remove it.

  • Whether you live in the cold temperatures of Colorado or the heat of Florida, Allegheny fences are made to last—these fences have proven their strength and survived in temperatures as low as -40º F to temperatures as high as 140º F.

  • This Bufftech fence system is also incredibly easy to install, with ready-to-install panels and structural posts, just follow the simple step-by-step instructions and you’ll be good to go in no time!

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Faux stone is a great upscale fencing option that can really help to transform your home and yard. Whether you are looking for more privacy, better security or just a more finished aesthetic for your yard, faux stone fencing will not only do the job, but it will make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Bufftech Allegheny fencing is a beautiful, realistic option that is highly durable, long lasting, easy-to-install and virtually maintenance free. If Allegheny fencing sounds like something that would work for you, the team at Pine River Group is here to help get your project going!