Customer Spotlight: Hop Head Farms


With a slogan of, “Quality Beer Begins Here,” Hop Head Farms has risen sharply in the world of hops production in a very short time. Founded in 2011, Hop Head Farms had a mission of supplying the best Michigan hops to the country’s beer brewers. Today, they’ve succeeded in their goal, managing more than 500 acres in production and development, along with supplementation from European growers.

Pine River Group knows and understands quality, which is why they’re proud to call Hop Head Farms one of their customers. When Hop Head Farms needed trellis poles and hardware for their hops fields, Pine River Group was able to offer them a superior product with their Agri-Max line, matching the quality and care that their customer needs and supplies.

About Hop Head Farms


With a growing craft beer industry putting out a demand for hops, the founders of Hop Head Farms answered the call. They began by opening a processing plant in Hickory Corners, Michigan in 2011 and quickly began to expand. In 2016, they opened a second plant in Berrien County enabling them to double production.

With more than 500 acres of locally grown, midwest hops in production, combined with supplemental hops from a network of European growers, they continue to strive to meet the demands of craft brewers who want only the finest quality hops for their beers.

With the Lake Effect in southern Michigan helping to produce the ideal soil for hops, Hop Head Farms has been able to take full advantage. More than 80% of their acreage is located within 10 miles of the Lake Michigan shoreline. The sandy soil and robust growing season mean that the hops they provide are some of the finest in the country.

They have several unique and flavorful varieties of hops to offer. This lets the brewer create a better, more consistent beer - something that the craft beer industry relies on. With this attention to quality and dedication to supply, Hop Head Farms continues to grow, becoming one of the nation’s leaders in the industry.

Supplying the Fields


Hops require not only the right growing region, but also the right type of trellis. With more than 500 acres in production and development, Hop Head Farms can’t afford to use anything less than the best quality trellis poles as losing part of their crop from trellis failure would be a crushing blow to their yield.

Pine River Group supplies trellis poles in both red pine and southern yellow pine, both available in a range of sizes to meet the grower’s needs. The poles are kiln dried prior to being treated, which gives them a longer lifespan. With a growing development like Hop Head Farms, they need to be able to rely on their trellises, and count on the production and delivery of additional material as they continue to expand.

Pine River Group is able to supply them with the quality trellis and trellis supplies they need, allowing them to focus more fully on their plants and production.

Quality from the Ground Up


Any top grower or producer understands the importance of using quality materials to support their crop - it’s an integral part of the planning and production process. Hop Head Farms serves as a testament to that as one of the nation’s best hops suppliers.

When it comes to sourcing such materials it’s important to find a partner you can trust, like the experienced team at Pine River Group. Ready to supply trellis poles and materials for hops, orchards, vineyards or virtually any other crop under the sun, Pine River Group is happy to help you with whatever you need to produce a robust and flavorful harvest.