Fencing Innovations: A New Factory Applied Coloring Process Saving Homeowners Time and Money

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The classic wood fence is a staple in residential landscapes across the country and advances in pre-staining processing have improved options for homeowners.

SelectCut's ColorPro Premium Pre-Stained fencing system is an innovative, real wood fencing product that outperforms traditional materials like pressure-treated and colored pressure-treated wood. The end result is a long-lasting, handsome wood fence that requires very little maintenance.

SelectCut ColorPro Beats Pressure-Treated Fencing

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The manufacturing process that ColorPro pickets undergo is unique compared to colored pressure-treated lumber. The reason ColorPro fencing has such a rich finish is that each picket, post, and rail is individually stained through a fast and efficient application process. This process results in uniform coloring throughout the fence.

Pressure-treated wood isn't necessarily a poor choice, but when considering color uniformity and beauty, ColorPro has it beat. The standard manufacturing process of colored pressure-treated wood involves stacking the pickets into a large treatment cylinder. The colorants and preservatives are then added and pressurized into the wood fiber. Since the lumber is stacked, it's not uncommon for colorants to turn out patchy and uneven.

Furthermore, the factory-applied surface treatment of ColorPro doesn't just add pigment to the wood. The colorant is also formulated to protect the fence against moisture, rot, and decay. A safe insecticide is also in the works by SelectCut, which will only further improve the resilience of the ColorPro product.

Pre-Stained Fencing with Low Maintenance Needs

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An important factor in fence design for residential properties is how much care is reasonable for the homeowner. Wood is a surprisingly resilient material, but only when properly managed. Neglect is the most common reason for wood fence failure, yet it can easily be addressed by choosing a material with low care needs.

ColorPro premium fencing saves homeowners a lot of frustration immediately. Pre-stained fences have a huge advantage over unstained, as they eliminate the need for homeowners to stain and seal their fence post-installation. Since each picket comes factory-finished, there are no chances for a DIY stain job leaving a new fence with blotches, streaks, or unsightly lap marks.

The earth tone shade of ColorPro fencing is neutral enough to blend into any existing landscape and match the majority of house siding colors. Homeowners that love the beauty of real wood will appreciate that the stain allows the natural characteristics of each picket to show through (i.e. grains and knots).

A ColorPro fence only requires basic cleaning and occasional inspections to maintain. Best of all, homeowners won't need to worry about having to re-stain their new fence a year after installation.

Affordability Combined with Warranty-Backed Reliability

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Homeowners looking for an economical fence will find ColorPro pickets fit the bill perfectly.

By installing a pre-stained fence, like ColorPro, homeowners can enjoy a beautiful accent to their yard from day one. With traditional pressure-treated wood fencing homeowners have to wait several months to a year, depending on the climate they’re located in, to be able to stain and seal it. This process is not only long, drawn out and frustrating, but it can also be very expensive and time consuming whether you have a professional come back to stain the fence or choose to do it yourself.

The particular earth tone stain used on ColorPro fencing is reminiscent of cedar and is the perfect alternative to this limited wood species. Western Red Cedar is fairly expensive, while lower-priced Japanese Cedar may lack in quality and performance. Real cedar fencing is also prone to silvering with age very quickly, meaning weather and sun exposure will begin to turn it from a reddish-brown to gray if you don’t seal it after installation.

The concerns over unreliable quality and quick loss of color simply don't apply to a ColorPro fence. To top it off, a ColorPro fence comes with an incredible warranty. Standard pre-stained pressure-treated wood fences often come with a 1-year color warranty and a very flimsy performance guarantee. ColorPro offers a 2-year warranty on color, plus a 7-year warranty protection against rot and decay, which is unprecedented protection in the world of wood fencing.

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The SelectCut ColorPro Premium Pre-Stained fence system is ideal for any project when a natural wood fence is required. The numerous benefits of this product make it a smart investment for any home or property owner. ColorPro pickets are available in Standard size (⅝ x 5.5 x 6' and ⅝ x 6 x 6’) and Pro size (11/16 x 6 x 6'). Back rails and posts are also available to match.

For more information on how you can use Select Cut ColorPro for your fencing needs, contact Pine River Group.