5 Solutions Privacy Fencing Can Offer

Good fences make good neighbors – an expression we are all familiar with and while there certainly is truth to it, this is only one part of a much larger story.

Privacy fences can provide a wide range of solutions to home and property owners. Privacy fencing can deliver a sense of security, a comfortable quiet and a durable barrier. In fact, with the right privacy fence you can increase the value of your property, while creating a stunning and secluded escape.

Finding the right privacy fence starts with considering the main problem you’re looking to solve or result you’re hoping to achieve. Perhaps you need to set some boundaries with a neighbor or maybe you’re struggling to find something that you like that your fits your local building codes – whatever the need, rest assured that there is a right fence for you. To help you find your solution, we’ve examined some common obstacles homeowners face and the privacy fences used to overcome them.

Escape from Nosy Neighbors

SC DE Pressure Treated LOW.jpg

Let’s be honest here, most of us at one point or another have dealt with that neighbor who while may be well-meaning, doesn’t quite seem to understand the idea of neighborly boundaries. A wood privacy fence is a great solution for these situations. Wood privacy fencing provides you with a space that is all your own, without offending your neighbors since its natural appearance compliments all landscape designs.

The fence featured above is made of premium Select Cut wood fencing, which is a hand-selected Red Pine product, providing the durability, beauty and character of natural wood. Available in pre-cut panels for easy installation or individual components to create a custom fence, Select Cut wood fencing is an affordable option to create the private oasis your backyard should be.

Avoid Annual Maintenance

Walnut Brown_6x6_Ashland - Copy.jpg

If you’re in pursuit of a privacy fence that doesn’t require upkeep and maintenance then you’re probably well aware that there are a lot of fencing systems out there that claim to be “low-maintenance” solutions. The thing about a “low-maintenance” claim is that it often avoids certain aspects, making product research very important. Vinyl fencing, for example, is a lower maintenance fence, however, if you live in an area that experiences cold winters your vinyl fence will become highly susceptible to cracking or breaking upon any impact which can lead to high replacement or maintenance costs.

The fence shown here is a great example of a truly low-maintenance privacy fence. SimTek Ashland fencing comes in a variety of fade-resistant colors, that don’t require any painting or staining. Plus the proprietary polyethylene it’s made of – that is also steel reinforced – make it very durably in any temperature; bringing low lifecycle costs and allowing you to avoid the hassle of fence maintenance.

Working with a Tight Budget

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While we all might appreciate if money grew on trees, the reality is that most of us do have to be mindful of a budget when working on home improvement projects. The good news is, however, that when it comes to privacy fencing you don’t need to compromise the vision of your dream privacy fence in order to stay within budget. Wood fencing is a very affordable option and there are many different styles to help you build the fence of your dreams.

For a long time cedar was considered a great wood fencing material, as its natural color upped the ante of a traditional wood fence that would require painting or staining if a different color was desired. However, with limited availability the cost of cedar has continued to rise making it a far less affordable option. Thankfully for those wanting the cost savings of a wood fence without the hassle of staining it, to achieve a deeper hue, there are solutions out there. The fence featured above is made of MicroShades color infused pressure treated fencing. MicroShades is pressure treated with a colorant so it provides the rich look of cedar, but as a Red Pine product it’s more readily available and budget friendly.

Quiet a Boisterous Background

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When I moved into my house I was impressed by the charming residential neighborhood, but little did I know how loud this seemingly peaceful hamlet would actually be! Whether your ailment is the result of loud neighbors, noisy transportation or a nearby commercial property, if you’ve ever thought that backyard entertaining could be so much better if you could only figure out a way to quiet the noise, this is the solution for you. SimTek EcoStone privacy fencing. SimTek EcoStone fencing amazingly blocks 98 percent of direct sound, giving your backyard or property peace and quiet.

In addition to being an effective sound barrier fence, EcoStone also provides a high-end look in a variety of different colors, making it that ideal backdrop for all kinds of landscapes. Plus with its simple, yet highly durable design, SimTek EcoStone fencing is easy to install making it a more cost effective option than other more labor intensive fence systems.

Adhering to Building Codes

Trex Woodland Brown Fencing.jpg

When building a privacy fence it is always important to start by reviewing your city or community building codes. You might find that your city restricts the height of your fence. Likewise, some homeowners associations limit specific fencing materials that can be used. Building within these codes can feel like a hassle, but they’re a very necessary evil.

Luckily there are fence systems out there, like Trex Seclusions composite fencing, that are designed to fit most ordinances. Trex composite fencing can be customized and built to virtually any height, and with its classic, clean appearance it’s been widely accepted by many HOAs across the globe. Plus with three different color options and an extremely high durability rating, you don’t have to feel like you’re compromising your style or needs.

As you can see privacy fencing is not exactly a “one size fits all” item, however, with so many options on the market – Select Cut wood, Trex Seclusions, MicroShades, SimTek EcoStone and Ashland – chances are it won’t be difficult to find the perfect fence for your yard’s perimeter. A privacy fence is a great way to complete the look of your landscaping while also serving a very functional purpose. And if you ever find yourself with questions that you’re struggling to find the answers to, our industry professionals, at Pine River Group, are always available and happy to help lend further insight.