5 Benefits of Red Pine Wood Fence Pickets

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There’s nothing like the beauty and versatility of a real wood fence. Wood fencing not only gives your property privacy and security, it also enhances its appearance like nothing else on the market today.

Wood fence pickets come in a wide range of different wood species, each with its own characteristics and attributes. Many people choose pine for its durability and versatility, which can also be stained after installation according to your preference. Geographic location typically determines the specie of pine you’ll find in your local lumber yard. Pressure treated fencing is an economical fencing choice, so by stocking the specie that grows closest to you, a retailer can assume the best price. However, something you might not be aware of is how specie of pine does have an impact on the quality of fence.

Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) is the specie that has ruled the south for decades, however we’ve seen a movement growing in the professional fencing industry that shows more and more contractors and retailers choosing northern Red Pine pickets over SYP. Red pine wood fencing has a number of benefits and advantages over SYP. Whether you’re a builder looking for an easier material to work with, or a homeowner wanting a more consistent choice for your fence, the advantages of Red Pine are clear when you take a closer look.

1. Lightweight and Easy to Move

Let’s start by looking at weight - Red Pine pickets are lighter than SYP pickets, which makes a surprising difference for a couple of reasons. Because they’re lighter, suppliers are better able to maximize a truck’s capacity helping you get more for your money. It also makes loading, transporting and moving the material less wearing on contractors which can lead to faster installation times and a happier crew. Lugging heavy pickets across a job site in the hot sun can get tiresome, but Red Pine offers some relief compared to SYP.

2. Easy to Work With

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In addition to being easy to move and transport, Red Pine is also easier to work with during installation. The material accepts a fastener more readily than SYP, which further speeds up installation of the fencing. More pickets or panels can be put up in less time, which saves man hours and money for both the installer and the homeowner.

3. Durability

Despite its lighter weight and ease of installing, Red Pine is a highly durable material that can give you a long lasting fence. Pressure treated Red Pine fencing, like Select Cut, has been treated and protected against threats like rot and decay, making it a high-quality fencing material that you can count on. Plus wood has so many innate characteristics that make it a naturally durable choice, without costing an arm and a leg. .

4. Better Stability

Additionally, Red Pine tends to be a bit more stable than SYP. While all treated pine species will experience natural aging processes as the wood fiber dries out, Red Pine characteristically experiences less warping, twisting and cupping than SYP, which is a key factor that has been catching the attention of fencing contractors, because no one wants call backs.

5. Natural Beauty

Durability, longevity, and ease of installation are all great reasons to choose a fencing material, but most homeowners also want a fence that’s going to be beautiful as well. While many other fencing materials try to mimic the natural beauty of wood, nothing quite compares to the rich appearance of authentic Red Pine wood grain - it’s the perfect complement to any outdoor retreat.

Get the Best Fencing Material for Your Next Project

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If you’d like to look at treated Red Pine for your store, job or own personal fence give us a call, we’d love to help you. Every piece of our Select Cut Red Pine fencing is hand selected to ensure straightness, consistent milling and the best looking boards on the market. Whether you’re a retailer or installer looking for a better product to offer your clients, or you’re a homeowner who wants a better quality fence for your own home, Select Cut Red Pine can give you what you’re looking for with function and ease.